Since the storming of Capital Hill, the Left-wing mob has been in full swing trying to frame it as an act of “domestic terrorism.” Any rational thinking person would understand that this is not true at all. The Cathedral has been hard at work attacking “right-wingers,” Trump supporters, and anyone else that they don’t like. Left-wing politicians have been calling for those who stormed the capital to be charged as terrorists. Now that the left is in power, they have gone full totalitarian, and everyone should be worried.

The future is now much more uncertain then it already was. The question is: will “right-wingers” be hunted down and persecuted even hard then before? This answer to this is likely yes. The left is no longer even trying to hide their totalitarian views. They will not stop until anyone who disagrees with them is entirely suppressed. We have seen this before with cancel culture and de-platforming, and now it is likely that they will use government force too to suppress us. The campaign against political dissenters and those of different opinions will only escalate.

What Can We Do?

We have a few options. We must continue to sow the seeds of doubt in our current political systems. There are many people that feel that we need a national divorce, and we can be the leading voices of this movement. The outrage and anger of republicans , trump supporters, and others can be redirected at seceding from the union. If we can harness a large enough demand for secession we may be able to actually take action and secede from the union.

Another thing that we can do is to educate. We need to be able to teach people about freedom, austrian economics, historical revisionism, etc. This knowledge will be important to setting a goal of how we will structure our society after we secede from the union. This will be important so that we do not repeat the same mistakes of the past, and we can lead our society towards prosperity.

Finally, NO BLACK PILLS. We must never stop, never censor ourselves, and must stand up to the Cathedral. They want us to be scared, and to keep quiet. We must not comply with their demand, and continue our work. We are in uncertain times and we must stay on the right path. We can win if we continue our work. When we win, there will be no room for left-wingers in our society; they will be physically removed. Until we get there, don’t give up. Stay strong boys we are in for a bumpy ride.