What happened Wednesday was more than a ‘Stop The Steal’ protest spilling over into the Capitol building. It was the unheard voice of millions of Americans boiling over and projected at the best possible place, the seat of the state. Their demands were clear - that the election improprieties needed to be seriously investigated and action needed to be taken. The mostly peaceful protesters on Capitol Hill and in several states were engaging in civil disobedience. Their actions were directed solely at those who had wronged them, the United States government.

The protestors were not armed nor did they harm anyone. The only violence that came on Wednesday came from Capitol Police and other federal agents. While the protestors simply broke in and made a mess of the building, federal agents have murdered at least two people.

The media goes much further than to say that this was just some kind of white supremacist protest, but instead that it was an attempted coup, insurrection, or organized effort of domestic terror. Under no circumstances can an event where the belligerents manage to force their way into the legislature, where over a third of the civilian government works, be called an insurrection. Especially when said legislature manages to have a vote not a few hours later as if nothing even happened. Any such labelling of these events is ridiculous because of how little it affected the course of government. What it was really an embarrassment to the cathedral in this country, and more, to the global elite. A rabble group of pissed-off Americans embarrassed the most powerful government on Earth, stormed it’s capital building with little resistance, no weaponry, no tanks, and showed how weak democracy and for that matter, the state, really is. They pulled back the curtain, and what lied there was weak and afraid.

The media arm of the Cathedral went to work this summer, propagandizing over 100 days of riots as a bunch of “mostly peaceful” protesters, many saying this as they stood in front of a burning building on camera. The audacity the media establishment has to do these things and think everyone will buy it is nothing short of amazing. When it serves the establishment’s purposes, they will spin widespread destruction and violence as a civil rights movement with some bad actors lighting towns ablaze. Even the extent of the damage will be ignored to push their narrative. In response to the BLM protests, police and the national guard kneeled to the crowd. They didn’t bring the state to its knees however, they kneeled willingly and happily, they kneeled with pride to the cathedral. We saw every sign of these “trained marxists'' being given free reign to unleash their mayhem whilst these same democratic governors forced anyone else to “shelter-in-place” due to the overblown Coronavirus pandemic. We saw during this time that violence was the only thing that was going to be respected by this establishment, but now we also know how weak it really is.

Condemnations of violence are unconvincing from an establishment all too willing to look away from political violence when it's in direct support of their stated goals. In Charlottesville, the right obtained the necessary permit and successfully defended their first amendment rights in court when the city attempted to obstruct their lawful protest. Dissatisfied with this result, Antifa showed up as part of their ongoing campaign to suppress their opponent's first amendment rights. It was Antifa's presence at a lawful protest that made violence all but inevitable. Despite this, the establishment offered no condemnation of Antifa. To the contrary, they thought Antifa's decision to counter a group with no political influence was so noble that they were happy to overlook the violence caused by their presence! Moreover, when police inexplicably failed to separate the sides and allowed them to fight — likely as a pretext to declare an unlawful gathering — the establishment could scarcely be bothered to mention this. Had police simply enforced the most basic laws, 20 year old James Alex Fields would not have encountered a Communist mob blocking the street after entering his Ohio address into his GPS. Of course, the media hasn't seen fit to mention this either during the 3 1/2 years they've focused on this one death. Instead, they not only blamed Fields, but every right-winger who attended the event. Thus, there exists a two-tiered system in the United States. Under this system, right-wing protesters will never be "mostly peaceful" regardless of how they conduct themselves. On the other hand, the left can literally get away with murder under the guise of "protests" thanks to their intellectual bodyguards in the media.

How one feels about the recent events on Capitol Hill is irrelevant. The same media that seriously entertained defenses of looting must be denied all moral authority and as long as both sides are forced to coexist under the same two-tiered system, matters will only deteriorate further.

This incident was just a bunch of people just forcing their way into the capitol building to take some selfies and maybe steal a podium, hardly what I would call a ransacking, yet despite this it is still referred to quite brazenly as an attempted coup, despite what can be seen before the layman's very eyes. All the papers thrown about and chairs overturned aren’t what one could call a coup attempt. Deservedly so these things have been mocked by the right wing minority on social media, but the smearbund is out in full force. This was a coup, they’re terrorists, and you’re an idiot who will eat what you’re told, don't you know that?

Many of the so-called “blue-pilled” libertarians have taken the media’s bait hook, line, and sinker. They have gone along with calling what the protesters did both a coup attempt and an act of domestic terrorism at worst and at best have chosen to say “they condemn violence.” Cowards and hypocrites that is what has become of the mainstream libertarian ideosphere. These people are not your friends, they’re not here to lead a revolution, they’re not even really here to fight the state. They’re here to feed you platitudes and feel good saying to make you feel empowered only to disown you at the first sight of what opposing the state REALLY looks like. In a just world, we might see some libertarians with some gall to go out and say “hey you MAGA folks, we get it the state has robbed you blind and lied to you at every given opportunity!” but no we get more of the “we don’t condemn violence for tin pot dictators” loser brigade positions of the blue pilled egalitarians who masquerade as Rothbardians. What we would not give to see what Murray Rothbard would have said about this. I guarantee you it would not have been the weak positions we’ve seen coming from liberty circles today.

To be clear, you cannot commit violence against state property because the state does not legitimately own any property. The state produces nothing, but rather takes from those who produce, it is the absolute thief, and the absolute aggressor. Thus it is those who produce that ultimately have the best claim to state property however, when state property is destroyed or damaged in an act that strikes at the heart of the state’s legitimacy, then this is an action that helps out said taxpayers instead of merely destroying or damaging their stolen property. To add to the irony, the state calls the destruction of your property “law” and destruction of theirs “violence.” How wonderfully absurd!

Leftists are, of course, complaining about how the full force of the state and its agents are not brought down on these protesters, whereas in their own separate reality the police somehow managed to give a damn or do something about their own rioting during the summer which, unlike the events that happened here, destroyed many civilian hubs, going so far as to, unlike this "Coup", conquer an urban area without the resident's consent half a year ago.

Leftists on social media love to complain about the so-called double standard between law enforcement and the right wing because of the treatment of their "peaceful protests" and this "violent coup", while conveniently ignoring the fact that very much unlike the leftist faction, the amount of damage towards civilian & bystander person and property from this MAGA rally was approximately, if not totally, zero. Meanwhile BLM and antifa continue to justify their destruction of wholly private property while the media and the state run interference.

As for the protest itself and its significance as opposed to the immediate hypocrisy by leftists and media, it was likely inevitable but too early and for poor reasons. On one hand, it is hard to deny the utter satisfaction of the sight and thought of the congress who have been abusing civilians both domestic and foreign through evil laws, spending and wars for years quaking in their suits when angry American citizens came marching through their doors. We hope there to be more things that scare politicians in the future.

However, one thing that cannot be denied is the fact that this protest had a cost, and not just of the protesters who were shot and killed in this event. It is not unreasonable to suggest that this will define and be used as ammunition for the Biden-Harris regime’s gains for power on behalf of the Cathedral, especially as the hype for COVID-19 dies down. As many have stated, it will not be as sweet of a cakewalk for Americans to reenter the Capitol building. That said, the threat of an ever present state cannot ever be used as an argument against action, but if you play the game expect to pay the price sooner than later, acceleration has its costs.

What disappoints much of our staff with the response to this protest is not the resulting consequences but the observations so absolutely focused on what the protest was really about. Why must everyone take such a shallow approach to motivations? Is it dishonesty or generally a lack of care? Make no mistake this event, while facilitated by the election results, was by no means it’s only or even primary cause. The cause of this reaction is the state’s on-going and continued actions, the election improprieties were merely the catalyzing event for this deep seated anger to finally give rise to action. The dream of American republicanism is long dead. Rebellion is an American tradition, one we would do well to reclaim.

However, it is disappointing that the catalyzing event was not over the lockdowns which have destroyed American society, or the rampant wars which have took the lives of countless, or the rampant spending which promises to destroy civilization, and not even the blatant double-speak of the cathedral and its agents, but for a single rich politician who failed his voters who spent their time, money and reputation to even elect Trump without an edifice that could support him.

This is a turning point not just for America, but for the western world in general. All over people are beginning to realize that 2020 was not some unlucky aberration while everything would go back to a supposed “normal” afterwards; instead, as is to be expected, cultural divisions are being deepened and violence is soon to be not only expected, but accepted, if not encouraged. As is the inevitable consequence of statism, democracy, and the decadence of the elites, the cultural factions of the west are gearing up to grab the seat of power, and, as they usually do, attempt to snuff out its rivals and swing the pendulum in their favor.

Now more than ever is secession and the balkanization of not only the United States, but many European countries and cultural hubs, is necessary Else civilization as we know it will be plunged into a dark age of violence at the behest and benefit of the elites. It’s certainly becoming popular around the web in the last few days, and our digital kin would do well to listen and understand that now is the time to act, now is the time to promote a national divorce, and create a cascading effect that could change the course of history. If not now, then when?