Hoppean.org Staff


Writer, Mastermind

A raging right-wing firebrand, EndDemocracy pulls no punches. He is unabashed in his advocacy for separatism and decentralization, and not afraid to speak against leftist infiltration into libertarian institutions in the strongest - and I do mean strongest - terms. He once had a massive following on Twitter, only to be taken away by a permanent ban on his account... but you can still find him on Twitter at @EndDemocracy.

The Outcast

Writer, Developer

The Outcast gives a powerfully right-wing perspective on libertarianism. He has begun identifying with the neo-reactionary movement, appreciating its affinity for anti-egalitarianism and contempt for democracy. His main focuses are radical localism, borders and immigration, and opposing war and abortion. He is a Christian searching for the truth at all times, and his philosophy reflects this.


Writer, Dopamine Addict, Graphic Designer

A self-identified "professional retard," Volnost is our resident graphic designer. His talent inspired much of the aesthetic of our website, and will have a great positive impact on future content here. In addition to graphic design, he contributes written content expressing his thoughts on Hoppeanism and the modern libertarian movement — a movement he disdains for its infestation of "lolbertarians." He used to be active on Twitter and easy to find, but he's been suspended so many times that, at this point, searching for him is pretty much a lost cause.



Yinzer is a solid paleolibertarian with a sharp mind for political science. His unabashed support for and understanding of Rothbardian and Hoppean ideas makes him an invaluable asset to the Hoppean.org crew. He notices the same disturbing trend toward leftism in the libertarian movement that disturbs us all — and he won't stand for it. He insists that we "take libertarianism back" from the leftist parasites in the movement with a death grip, lest they ruin the little good that remains in the movement.

Right Wing Populist


RWP is not your run-of-the-mill conservative commentator. If he were, it would be a tragic waste of brainpower! RWP's insights tell the truth that we all know, but struggle to admit. He makes connections that don't catch the unattentive eye, and makes them seem so obvious after the fact. His debut article on Hoppean.org, "The Lolbert," exemplifies our purpose of fighting the leftist strains that haunt modern libertarianism. He can be found on Twitter at @rwpopulist.

Colton Maxwell Anderson


Colton Maxwell Anderson is an engineer and applied mathematician by trade, and is a Hoppean and Orthodox Christian. He is a staunch supporter of capitalism, the right to keep and bear arms, and decentralization. With his insightful understanding of Austrian economics, he began his writing at Hoppean.org with some articles making the controversial claim that Bitcoin doesn't qualify as a money. And he indeed sparked controversy! The discussion around his first article lead to an excellent and thorough response article.



Gravelord is a Hoppean neo-reactionary. Well-versed in theory and logical in his arguments, he proposes a social organization theory which is at once fully compatible with Hoppean anti-statism but also strongly resembles the medieval feudal/monarchic order. At the same time, he also argues passionately against "Third Positionism" and the economic leftism embraced by the so-called "far-right", making him and his work a sort of black sheep — in the best way.



Mage is a well-rounded thinker, having knowledge in several subjects such as history, geopolitics, and law. Unique among the other writers, he takes a more utilitarian approach in striving for his desired social order, less interested in strictly adhering to ethics in favor of adopting a strategy that will "get things done." His debut article with Hoppean.org with Gravelord attacks the "Third Positionists" on the far-right who claim that capitalism should be discarded because it is too flawed or "Jewish." He can be found on Twitter at @Mage_NRx.